7.25.2018 - How small CAN you go??

Last week, the push was to go small on some pendants I was making - only to have others asking me to work bigger.  It's a genetic flaw - I've always worked rather small - and It takes some serious attention and effort to go larger.  I totally 'get' both sides, and will aim to fulfill everyone's wishes.

This morning, the first task of the day was to clean yesterday's kiln contents - which were mostly beads from my Jetstream sereis.  It amounted to a handful - literally - after 8 hours - only a handful.  BUT... these aren't any ordinary beads.  They're one holed pendant *actually maybe you'd call them charms*... with a small sterling bail epoxied in place.  I have many matching pair - perfect for earrings!


See, these beads are 10mm in diameter - and have three layers: silvered glass, fine silver wire, and an encasement layer.  I love all the detail they have - and I love that they're so nice and small.    

Small doesn't always equate 'less time & effort'... I remember years YEARS ago - Corina wrote about working small *yes, she is definitely someone who can pack a whole world inside a small bead!*.  She said that it often takes MORE time to make a small bead because of the delicate nature of smallness, the precision work of small components, and that while the end result is YES... small - it just takes more effort.  (Corina - obviously this isn't verbatum, apologies - but hopefully your general message does come through...?)


And to please the others - I've got some things in the kiln that should prove interesting... AKA, me working "not so small".