7.18.2018 - Just Enough

It's summertime in Texas... and like much of the country - it's unmercifully hot.  So hot, in fact, that even the idea of wearing a necklace seems too hot.  (did I just say that?)...  I was photographing some items today - and in an unedited photo, felt that this embodied the sigh of relief I feel when I come inside to the air conditioning...   So minimalism is here again... just a hint of color - a hint of the unusual - and that's enough.  

I have a new small series coming out that is just that - a small swingy pendant that can be strung onto any light chain or cord and it's just enough. 

I've been toying with the idea of splashing some items around in the Facebook sales groups - and also - here... if I miss a week here and there - I'm trying to find my equilibrium... please bear with me.
Change is often difficult, as we ARE creatures of habit.


Thank you Louise for your wonderful insight - I agree with what you said, and am working to implement changes.    I am always open to suggestions for things you would like to see, or such - just send me an email.  Happy Wednesday - smiles, Jill