11.14.2018 - New Way of Thinking.

So - I had a longtime customer, Barbara Muth, (turned friend - as luckily many of them do!) come visit me on Thursday. We were looking through beads of course and she remarked that she would wear what I considered a pendant as an earring… NAH??? really??? I popped an ear wire on and boom - she put it on and it LOOKED FABULOUS!

So - this week, I made it my work to make more!! If one pair is good, then more is “more better”.

She asked me to make her a pair in this color combo… and I have to admit that they’re pretty stunning!!!


then those led to these above…. and these below…


So if bigger is better - keep posted. Maybe I’ll have my stuff together by next week!! Smiles, Jill

10.24.2018 - Rain, Boro, Rain, Rain, Rain....

Hi… I’ve been working on gently graduated sets of boro beads - nicely straight sided and smooth mirrored finish surfaces… I feel these are necessary components for a smooth contemporary feel… and I feel this is very possible for lampwork that looks like this. I’m typically not a boro gal… but every now and then I get the bug - and this week I had it.

I’ve held a set back and will assemble another bracelet this evening… and post a picture here for you to see… but I’m in a good place. One big difference working with boro (excuse me, “ONE OF the big differences”… ) is my usual inability to accurately predict the final color - as many of these colors actually change while they’re in the kiln. (That’s not so with the soft glass)… but I find that the more I work with it, the more I get to know what the colors, or combination of colors will do - and I find that very nice. : )

There is now a long list of favorites that I plan to order more of, as sometimes burning that last little nub of glass in your most favorite color, of the moment, can really be hard on the fingers!

In the 20+ years I’ve been making beads, I’ve taught as well… I happily will report to you that there seem to be two kinds of students. 1. The impatient one who insists on applying glass that’s not hot enough to the mandrel - then ends up cracking the release and is upset. 2. The one who’s so full of wonder & joy, and who is also patient to a fault. These are the easy ones - as I also have found this week that patience is a virtue… and Borosilicate melts slowly… I enjoyed the evolution of color and the trial of shaping such a stiff glass.

The payoff was that I’m happily going to do it again soon… smiles - Jill


10.17.2018 - Tall, thin, .... Texan Disk Necklace - (Update here tonight at 9pm EST)

Tall, thin, and Texan. I love disks - I feel like that’s my mantra at my support group… I just wish there were more ways to show these beauties off!! I’m working on it. I have these strong feelings about certain things glass related - (as my quest to remove the hole, or at least the visibility of it) and it dominates my creativity.

Last week I had the new version of the disk necklace… which lovingly lets the light to transmit through the glass and ‘allow’ the color. But until theres a nicer way to use these pretties with their broad plane of color facing forward… I’ll always be pursuing options.

Many of the prettiest color are so color dense - that unless they’re stretched very thin, or veiled over a lighter color - they get lost in the dark.

For years, I’ve played with a small footprint of glass and building tall, thin beads… below is a video I made that shows the process… enjoy.
smiles, Jill