4.25.2018 - Evolution of an Idea....

I've been smitten by the shape goddess.... again.

I started out working in transparent glass - but realize that they make for dressier earrings... and with summer on the horizon (oh, if you sneeze, you miss springtime here in TX)... yes. so....
I started looking at the opaque colors -  They say so much on their own... and with a small wrap of silver - get a little dressier...


With an OCD wrap of 28ga fine silver - that's tacked down in the torch, they become sleek and elegant.... plus the streaky glass color adds visual interest... but the shape remains constant.  So - we have shape, color, and elegance...


...then I migrated back over to - how 'bout scrollwork to make them fun?  leave the kitten-whisker stringers slightly raised to add visual interest... adding just enough - but not too much... to skirt visual fatigue....


... then living in Austin Texas = LONGHORN country - let's make the color relevant!!


... and add a pendant option... I'm in heaven. : )  smiles - Jill


4.18.2018 - So much... S.T.U.F.F

The flowers in the garden are blooming, they're gorgeous, - but - I wanted to talk about something else.  I've set up a camera at my torch... and am filming through a filter - so you can actually see the detail...  I have to (ahem) clean up my worksurface though - as last time I posted, - seemed everyone commented on the surface clutter - rather than the item being created. 

But this came as a result of a person writing to me - regarding my tile beads - saying that she was sure I was actually slicing them with a wet saw and then drilling the mandrel hole.  Really??   I only hope that I maybe missed the tone, and that was a joke??  Anyway - it was suggested that maybe I show some of these goodies being made to quell the doubt. hmmm?

So - that being said - I'm willing to take suggestions as to what you'd like to see - maybe I'll actually make a tutorial... any comments welcome.  When I sat down the other day - I filmed some quick trials of things that I thought pretty basic... disks, pulling stringer, making a round bead... etc.  While they're simple - they're building blocks - and the basics for any beadmaker.  I had revisited a set of beads I'd made probably 18 years ago - and realized that skills certainly DO improve with practice... and time - and while I DO work faster than most - I aim for perfection.  Does perfection make them look machine made?? hmmm???

oh, by the way - I have cleaned up the worksurface, and it no longer looks crazy like the image above.  That's not saying it won't get that way again - just that occasionally I can actually see the metal sheet underneath! SMH...  smiles, Jill

OK, I can't resist... 
the flowers.  OMG - they started out white - then went pink streaked, then gorgeous pink.  I'm floored!!


4.4.2018 - Who DOESN'T love a Tiny House??

So - with front row seats for the final four - we headed out east... that is, east Austin - to a broadcast in an ampitheater in an innovative community.  What's so cool about this community? Well - each of these tiny homes is now home to someone who had been living on the street.  There is a long waiting list - and there are many things that they have to do to qualify to live here... but it was awesome.

There were community gathering spots, community kitchens - our climate here allows for many of these to be open air... so there is an implied invitation to join as 'family'.  The game was shown on a big screen in the ampitheater, there were community gardens and all in all it was such a nice idea.  NO, it wasn't just an idea - it has happened.  Below is a link that shows it much better than I could - and has more information.

Community First Village


Log sided square foot community gardens.

Open air community kitchens


3.14.2018 - Easter Bunny?

Last week I had made a few pair of these very stylish and colorful earrings - and in keeping with my personality type... this week, I've made a few more.  If you like them and want to claim a pair , they're $50 and just a click away on the PayPal button below - where you can choose your color.  I am willing to do MTO... let's see which are the favorites!

Springtime Silver Colorfest Earrings - $50pr

these earrings are 1/2" rounds of glass with a nice wrap of silver fused to the middle of each bead.  they're a single hole item - so a bail has been expoxied in at the top - and they are suspended from my handmade sterling silver ear wires.

Select Earring Color



Lt Blue











3.7.2018 - Skipping... to the awaited JUMP forward.


In an all out effort to beg you to allow me to morph into the "cool maker of cool earrings"... I bring you these beauties.  I had lamented on Facebook "OH WORLD... be it that I could solely make earrings... that would be my wish!"  help me make it so?!!


While sitting at Central Market one evening... we noted that there was this joyous woman who was literally skipping through the restaurant.  NO... I didn't say child.  Woman... and with gusto...

That's how I feel about these earrings.  They are an adaptation of some I've done before - but I don't think I've ever wanted to skip over the others... as usually my designs are usually much more sedate.

But - springtime is here in central Texa, and it has awakened my joy, (sorry New York, your snow won't last too long...) but here it's happening.  My peach tree is in blossom, and I hear the bluebonnets are already bursting forth in Marble Falls.  So - with all this "bursting forth" of color - I thought I should participate as well. : )
smiles, Jill