8.1.2018 - ...and Why Not off mandrel?

so... we all have to start somewhere, right?? New endeavors - and just the discovery of how to do things by trial and error... have a seat and take a deep breath... because there is some serious ugly coming your way!

I had a request last week to replace a long loved pendant (by another artist) that had been dropped - and while I understand the desire to replace, I know whatever I make cannot 'replace it'.   So - I hope to introduce something that will make the broken pendant a fond memory and perhaps become the stepping stone to things wondrous.  As most of you know - I am pretty defined by the mandrel - although I'd prefer it not leave a hole.   I like the idea of off mandrel work - but the soft glass I use most often becomes rather drippy for my taste (*at least at this point of my working proficiently off mandrel*) - so - it's off to my Boro stash.

For you non-glassy people out there - Borosilicate is the generic name for the glass more commonly known as - Pyrex.  It melts at a higher temperature, is more forgiving while working,  and is annealed at a different schedule in the kiln.  PLUS... the colors can sometimes 'bloom' in the torch, OR are *hopefully* awakened by the hotter temperature cycles during the annealing process in the kiln.

These are MY (yes, I'm owning it) first tries... as we all have to start somewhere... right? Promise not to laugh??  Starting at top row left - that was the first, progressing to the right... then L to R on bottom...


my takeaway from this is... the swirling that happened at the last one on the right - bottom is something I definitely like and will keep... now - below are the next day's efforts... "the pretties"...


From my Boro journey, the discovery session also translated somewhat to my work in soft glass... and as I'm writing this - It occurs to me that along with not being wild about a mandrel hole.... I'm also not wild about the hanging loop of glass... which is likely the first thing to break... so, maybe one more session and I will endeavor to bury the hardware in the bead. for a cleaner sleeker look.  I am liking that!  Smiles, Jill