9.28.2016 - Finally.

The good news is that I only made ONE hollow bead this week... the bad news is that I only made focals =====>
I made fourteen focals.  14...

These are my very favorites.  I am seeing these black cylinders with raised chunky scrolls and perimeter dots on a simple long chain for Fall.

I've chosen to round out this week's Weekly Wednesday Update (tonight 9.28.2016 at 9pm Eastern) with some favorite sets I have and I hope that will please.
: )  Jill

Jillsymons.com Lampwork

On an aside.  I was working on perfecting how to etch hollow beads that I'd already removed from the mandrel.  One thought I had was to use that rubbery silicone caulk to make little stoppers for each end... that needs some work.  BUT in doing that - I solved another problem....

I make all my findings - and it's always a challenge to keep ear wires paired up... (as I do try to make them in matching pairs) It seems a waste to bag each pair separately, I found that if I put a small dab of the silicone on one ear wire and gently push the second into it - they stay nicely together until I am ready to use them!!