10.5.2016 - Xeriscape... and making beads

Today I was watering my flower garden out back, marveling at how nicely the Portulaca and Bougainvillea, Lantana and Esparanza are doing.... making a mental note that planting things that are native is just so nice... instead of worrying about a plant that wilts and complains if the sun is too hot or I don't water it often enough - these plants just flourish!! SO - mental note: take note of what works and plant more of those!!

Then I thought about my beadmaking - trying to find a parallel to the garden.  If I made beads with the styles that were easiest - all my beads would be round.... but.  They are most interesting, it seems, the more they defy gravity and surface tension... let's take something that naturally wants to end up being round, and instead, make it into something that has straight lines and corners!!?  Yikes.  AND  - lets make two of them that MATCH!