9.21.2016 - Can't See the Forest - For the Trees!!

OK... so you know I've been on this hollow kick now for a few months, and no - it's not out of my system yet.  Last week I talked about how beautiful the etched beads were, and yes they are - but I found myself dreading cleaning out the residue from inside each bead.  UGH.
I would sit and painstakingly wind small tufts from a cotton ball onto a thin wire and wipe the inside of each bead with alcohol - when the average set is around 15 beads that is HUGELY time consuming.

So - after trying everything I could think of, and suggestions from friends I finally decided to Google it.  Right - why is that always my last resort?  Thank you goes out to Anne Londez from Switzerland... who rather matter o factly said - UH... I just etch them while they're still on the mandrels.  

Blink. blink. blink... jawdrop.

I did, and am pleased to report that no longer is the INSIDE etched, and no longer am I cleaning out residue for hours... it was quick, easy and just wonderful!!  Thank you sweet European non-overthinking Anne... smiles and an embarassed eye roll... Jill