9.14.2016 - Fall Etchings

I know that lately I've been making lots of hollows... the season has been such that it just felt like the right thing to do.  Granted, I'm still not over making them - but I wanted to showcase a necklace that I finished up this morning... : )

Transparent glass is just gorgeous... but so is acid etched glass... it's a little more tactile, as each piece feels like time worn beach glass, and while you can't see in one side and out the other, it has a nice presence & feel  without a lot of sparkle.

The problem with etching is - that there's no going back, so I will most likely offer up these hollows as is first.  I spent awhile this morning cleaning the inside of each of these hollows with a small wire and a tuft of cotton ball... it's worth is though.  There are two hollow sets available tonight on my update.  These are larger than I've made in the past - I'm just in a lil-bigger mode... : )  

JillSymons.com Lampwork
Fall Jubilee Necklace - $375

You know... awhile back I made a video of me making a hollow... it's on YouTube, and I've posted a link in an earlier blog... I'll go get the link, just so you can see the process. : )

Hollow Bead Video - Click the bold text and see the video I made last September... the angle is a little strange, as i wanted you to be able to see just what I was doing.   Enjoy.