10.26.2016 - ... I love it when... "My Friends are friends with My Friends"

I spend much of my time working solo.  Creating solo and musing solo.  Throughout my life I have always moved so often that I now I can claim a significant collection of friends scattered all over.

Granted some of them are glassy, some of them are from school, and some are just the timeworn OLD friends - broken in and comfortable.  What I've begun to see recently, through social media, is that my separate 'friend groups' are starting to cross over... and be friends with each other.  I then surmise that I must attract/collect a consistent type of person, and for that I am glad - as it affirms that I am steady and true.

This week I have retreated to the comfort of the magical groupings of beads - and I am again finding the same theme, glad to see that whatever style of bead I've made - again, somehow - they all seem to play nicely together - be it through color, texture, shape or just overall theme.... and for that - I am very happy. : )  Jill

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