11.9.2016 - Culinary Bead Courses

While I love making beads - I equally love photographing them... then writing about them.  Is this considered all consuming, I wonder.... ?  Anyhow - my sons both rave about a Netflix series called The Chef's Table, and last weekend we tuned it in.  One would think that being a chef and their subsequent preparation of food is the main push of what they're about, but not according to this series.  

There is talk of instead of adding rosemary to a dish - perhaps placing a plate on top of a pillow that allows gentle puffs of the aroma with each cutting motion... delights the sense of smell - in combination with taste and obviously (presentation) sight.  

I realized that I had taken this advice to heart this week and instead of serving you side dishes, my photography was serving up the main course plated with the sides.  The menu is cohesive and the sides vary... and of course the photography was a delight!  Enjoy.

I try hard to always give you an idea of size... and call out the measurements of the beads, even sometimes resorting to the bead-in-hand photos... which give a sense of scale.  I understand the help it provides, but dislike the visual pollution on my website... and who likes their hands photographed?  So - this approach serves two purposes - to whet your appetite, and to give you a sense of scale and how the beads/focals relate to each other.  FUN, huh?? 
smiles, Jill