10.19.2016 - Stiff Competition....

The Weekly Wednesday Update for my website is supposed to go live just about the same time that the final presidential debate starts.  All I can say is that I'll post it and when you tire of the debate you can come see some pretties... no drama here, just gorgeous glass.  (smile)


I'm on the cusp of venturing out to writing my first tutorial... and am looking for some advice, as I know many of you are also beadmakers... What has worked best for you?

Also - for you "non-tutorial writing beadmakers" - what would you like to have a tutorial ON?

I think one of my favorite things is shaping of glass.  Sometimes making it do what it doesn't want to.  

I've been making beads for 20 years, and while much of what I do has become just motor memory... when asked to describe something, I would normally tend to gloss over what has just become the normal way of doing things.  I had a friend watching one day - and I heard her "AHA moment"... she pointed out that I had done something that solved an issue she had been struggling with,buty it had just been the normal way I do things... so attention to detail will be paramount.  Huh. Neat.

I discovered lampworking on eBay - and learned in a vacuum, through mostly trial and error.  LOL, mostly through lots of error!  My passion has never waned - and through these weekly updates - I have always felt the need to constantly be pushing forward - to discover things so that you will always be eager to come back.  Last week, I happened upon one of those moments where all the time put in pays off...  and all I can say is I will explore this further - and when it's to the point that I have enough secrets and techniques to pass on, there will be a tutorial.   Want to hear the glass sing?? Can you hear the symphony yet?  Smiles, Jill

*update tonight at 9pm EST - at http://www.jillsymons.com