5.27.2015 - Rain, Rain... go to California!

Well, we prayed for rain - and for Texans - God listens!  Thank you for checking on me, I am on high ground here - and my worst worry was whether the electricity would cut out and reset the kiln as it was cooling down.  I was lucky, many others weren't.  Some lost all, and some lost loved ones.  I have snagged some pictures that were posted from around the area... as I didn't take any.

These are people who turned out to help foster animals until they could be reunited with their families.  How wonderful - in the midst of all this craziness... imagine the terror the animals felt, it warms my heart to see this long line of people stepping up. : )

This one was out near Hutto - southeast of Austin.....  look at that wall of water.  This is just north of the area that was ravaged by wildfires a few years ago.  The image below is of a stretch of I35 that I'd driven just hours before.  Yes, I count my blessings & thanks for worrying about me - Jill