5.20.2015 - Summertime Warm & Cools

OK. so I've been making beads now for over 18 years... that means some of my earliest beads would be driving if they could!  One would think inspiration would have gone out the window long ago - and I'm often asked "do you know what you'll be making when you start torching"...

The answer is a resounding "no".  Sometimes I'm guided by weather, or thoughts - or even what I'm listening to.  This week, as I sat - I wasn't particularly inspired - was "under the proverbial weather" - and was just there.  I had decided then to just play with colors... In my stash of glass to find all those that would play nicely and make them in similar shapes (same shape, three sizes) thinking how nice a necklace they'd make.

Warm tones and cool tones.

As we all know, women love to wear black, and when you have  pop of color like this necklace brings - it can just make an outfit.  Here she is - modeling the warm and cool versions...  I had thought I'd like the cool version - but seeing them on - I really LOVE the warm one!

You don't see more of these because, thankfully, I was sent an email asking about black & white beads - and therefore I had a target to aim towards.  But - I might mention that I love this style necklace - and have been making them for a stash in my inventory... some solid, and some patterned... they're wonderful.  Smiles, Jill

OK... so there were more... : )