6.3.2015 - Realization - Yes, Catie Doman - you are correct!

OMG - I think my house tilts to where my bead stash is... I make a ton of beads.  I LOVE to torch.  but, then again - you probably already knew that!!  
My pal Catie came to visit about a month ago and decided that I had way too many beads and she was going to help de-stash my stash... I'm talking about maybe 200lbs of beads I'd accumulated in the 18+ years of torching... those that never quite found their way into a set.  I am ever grateful for her efforts, but I confess - I'm at it again!!!

I was talking to my hair stylist the other day - and showed her a necklace I had just completed... (you wanna see it?)  This is a little different than the ones I make most often on the cording - without silver or a clasp... but I enjoyed making the soldered silver rings and actually wiring this up.  It's made from a set called Street Festival - inspired by my move back to Austin - and all the fun outdoor festivals that happen here.  ...anyhow...

She asked me if making beads was tedious.  What? I practically fell all over at that idea... I've been doing this upwards of 18.5 years now and I love every minute of creation.  My 'commute' to my torch is about 30 steps and sometimes I just cannot get there fast enough!  This also ties into a conversation I had yesterday with Jeremy Robinson about having extreme passion for what you do - and how if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!  Smiles all - Jill

PS - you've got to watch this, I'll bet you've never seen anything like this!!

“Extended Cut - Jeremy Robinson on Cyr Wheel” — At Tapestry Dance Studio in Austin - weekly Friday night acro jam.