1.13.2016 -

While I 'know' the next beady 'holiday' is Valentines Day... I am just not there yet.  I am still feeling the contemporary old world charm of Santa Fe.... I know... it gets old, huh?

How 'bout this... we'll do a fun blog about things that just make you want to go "huh..."  This is the Culinary Institute of America (in San Antonio) - eye catching thing on the ceiling at the entry, huh? Upon closer inspection they were skillets.  NICE. (Oh, and there was a nicely hidden bird's nest in the very center/bottom!)  

I'm always struck by the ability of nature to climb and get to where the light is... saw this and it just struck me that the vines are just so doggone persistent... and usually able to achieve just what they want.

OK, this one is a bit strange... on the road to Silverton, CO - there was this colorful blob.  Anyone care to take a guess? 

Seems it's an advertisement of sorts for the mineral springs just below... My source (yes, Barbara.. you) said that it wasn't naturally there - but relocated of sorts from across the road to draw attention to the hot springs.  Nevertheless... mighty colorful and expecially hot on an otherwise rather monochrome/cold day!

IMG_1524 2.JPG

... and sadly this is the last... as I'm running out of time.  But at La Mesa Gallery in Santa Fe... this wonderful wall sconce.  Makes me want to take a pottery class!!  if you enjoyed this sort of blog - let me know - Lord knows I've got a ton of images just like these!!! Have a great week, Jill