1.20.2016 - Seeking Support Group (JK)

There are fewer things that just make my heart beat faster than great efficient design.  I think this comes through in many areas in my life... and certainly in my glasswork ... : ) happily so.

Last week my youngest son was in the final throes of packing to return to college and from the other end of the house I heard "Mom... do you want this box?" I, in a decluttering mode, answered "NOOOOO".  He replied - "ARE YOU SUUUURE.....???" Does he know me or what?

While I only claim a few of the boxes below - it represents a timeline from the past six or so years, when my love affair with Apple began.  I cannot bring myself to throw any of them out.  I remember opening my new phones and marveling at the incredibly efficient design - packing so much into such a small, and oh so sturdy, box!  The box so rigid and sturdy... what can I say - if this is as bad as it gets - I'm doing pretty good, huh? I know I must certainly not be alone in my collection.  Right?

Funny also, look at how the boxes have grown as we've migrated (some of us... Sweetie) from the 4 to the 6+... Funny. smiles, Jill