3.18.2015 - Closure


It seems that no matter how unique your work is, if you're using findings fabricated by someone else - someone else's stamp is always the finishing touch on your work.

Years ago, Jane Chouteau (my friend and designer of my very first grown-up website back in 2001) told me that eventually I needed to make every component of my jewelry - that way I'd never be at the mercy of availability - and it would lend a more professional/cohesive look to my work.  She is wise in the ways of business and I didn't doubt her suggestion for a moment.

I have also realized that we as people have metal allergies, affinity for one metal or another, and many other issues that could be addressed universally by rethinking findings as a whole.  I love the idea of comfortably wearable pieces - which means they must be flexible and are able to adjust in length to differing clothing situations.  Some of the satin cords don't work well because they're too slick, and the knots won't hold their position - whereas the cording that has some surface texture are excellent with regard to staying where you put them! 

I love using cording because it can address the issues I mentioned above - and with only scissors and a match I'm ready to finish a piece!  My mantra:  "...if the piece gets dusty or makeup on it - you can just put the entire thing into the dishwasher..."  I love the look on my customers' faces after I say this, and how they all eventually smile.

I found this link to help you figure it all out...

JillSymons.com Comic Pendant Necklace - $100

JillSymons.com Comic Pendant Necklace - $100

While I like do like chain, it's common. (Well, common chain is common... I'm all for the unusual chunky links for a more hip look - that's JUST FINE! : )  Jill

I have been known to fabricate my silver findings, but that'll have to be another day!