3.11.2015 - Online, is WYS necessarily WY(should)G?

It took me a long long time to decide to even try Borosilicate glass.  I mean close to ten years at the torch before I even thought about considering it.  Partially because I'd cut my teeth on soft glass and being the daughter of Glassdaddy.com - I felt it was almost my duty to hang firm on the side of soft glass.

But then there came that day... I had been seduced by the longer out-of-the-flame time (before shock set into the glass and your piece exploded upon reentry to the flame).  It could be really useful... hmmm.  Then there is that ethereal effect some of the colors can achieve OR even the mystery of the color 'bloom' as the colors strike due to the temperature of the kiln.  Yes, there were enough reasons - so happily off I went to "drink the Koolaid".

Over the years I've enjoyed all the end results I had hoped for - and while I still have a long way to go - I still have one major hang up with Boro versus Soft Glass.  Photography.  There it is - in type... with a good light source, Boro just is sexy - no question.  But often without this lighting, it falls sadly flat.  So with - JillSymons.com, having an online sales format - how does it feel to sell something based upon a picture... or even two pictures (as I've shown here) showing it in both circumstances?  This bluesy toggle relies more on true color and the sheen of silver in the glass for cool reflective qualities, so it doesn't have such an issue.  But, shouldn't it look its best all the time?  Here lies my own personal dilemma.

I sold a piece recently - to another bead maker who did not work in boro - and while I was certain the piece was structurally fine - I was worried she wouldn't be happy because it wasn't 'singing' its colors all the time.  Eventually I wrote to her - telling of my concern.  What I decided to do was to create another that wasn't a chameleon - still in boro - but relying more upon design elements rather than perceived color to shine...  this is where I am in the process so far - and I think we are both happy. Win-win... don't you just love that? smiles, Jill