11.11.2015 - Calm Between the Storms : )

The accidental photographer here... I was driving and reaching to turn my phone off... thank you iPhone 6 for having the off button directly opposite the volume button which makes it SO easy to NOT TURN THINGS OFF... this time I had the camera app open so it took this really cool picture of the big TEXAS sky.  

Which had suddenly turned beautiful... (big smile)

See, here in Texas, there is no small way to do anything.  If it rains - it rains quickly and with such fury that it leads to terrible flooding. The sun then comes out apologetically and bakes God's country to a crisp in such a thorough way that we think no end is in sight! Here it is November 11th... Colorado is in fits of snowstorms and we're looking for sunblock and turning the a/c on to combat the humidity of a 74 degree day... Please God - moderation?

Yesterday I got to show off the quirkiness of my longtime hometown of Austin... see, I know this place like the back of my hand, I have stories and know shortcuts like no one else!  With a quick survey of what my California Cousins wanted to see - we quickly fabricated a loop of sights that made good use of my "Economy of Motion"* operational theory... and led us to the end destination of the Oasis for a quick lunch - an "over the top" restaurant that clings to a west facing hillside overlooking Lake Travis... where the sunset is always occasion for a round of applause! While we weren't there for sunset - but did manage to see the awesomeness of how HIGH the sky here is!

... and of course, I'm always blown away by cool iron work, especially if it's blue! : )  While there is so much to see at the Oasis - I was quietly pleased to see the cool colored party lights that I'm so fond of.  Color that lights my life..... still smiling - Jill

*"Economy of Motion" - to do things in such a way that no real crazy backtracking is needed.  One smooth loop of efficiency! : )