11.4.2015 - Glass, Color & Emotion

I'll be the first to admit it...

It's difficult to go anywhere with me - when I'm not wearing a blindfold.  Last weekend we went to a restaurant in San Antonio - and upon entry I almost fell over when I saw this chandelier overhead... I WANT IT.

Well, if I can't have it - I at least want a really cool photo of the glass.  It just struck every chord of my being.  Maybe because I can 'see' how it was made and in my mind - and am already lining up all my short rods... LOL.  

What does it do for you?


Next assault on my senses was shelf upon shelf of glassware - displayed so nicely at Marti's... My first thought was 'what? No dust?'... but really... again - I can see these being created - and love the downright assault of color and movement.  Glass is everywhere in my vision scope -  so is the amazing color...  Can you imagine the amount of time and effort that went into the creation of this mask?  I shied away from cross stitch embroidery because my Xs never crossed consistently in the same direction... every small seed bead is oriented correctly... amazing.  


... Then there are mosaics.... sigh... Smiles - Jill