3.16.2016 - Toggle, toggle....

Every now and then - I am smitten by the toggle bug.  Since it's a multi day/step product - often I have a day of making just rings - then time is spent pairing them up - and then comes the final torch day... yesterday was just that!  

These are little sculptures that have movement - and color - plus a sweet clink sound as the rings tap each other.  There is a bead hole through the main part of the spindle, and can be worn - I see these as more of a collectors' piece.

I had two kilns going at once, and this made things much easier - as one held soft glass beads and the other had the borosilicate components for these toggles.  There is always a ramp up *in my psyching myself up* to get 'em done... and finally by day's end - I was there.  Happily pleasing results!!  smiles, Jill