4.11.2014 - transparent glass & light


I'm truly beginning to see a pattern that wasn't so evident until tonight when I was scrolling through a folder containing older images.  Each spring we revel in the glory of seeing & feeling sunshine - to see this light that not only awakens us, but all else that had also been dormant all winter long.

While I admit that I love cooler temperatures, this winter made me weary.  So now we revel in the celebration of light & the colors of life.  

I am always drawn to transparent glass at this time of year, where I'll find that some colors are light & airy while others are more highly pigmented and do not so easily allow for transmission of light and the casting of colored shadows... so I thin the glass.  I build tall thin disks & tiles, or thin walled bubbles of color which allow for this celebration of color.


4.2.2014 - just bouncing around.

Lately I've been thinking about the way light enters my beads and releases the colors.  It seems that if you have a hard edge or a flat surface, the light spills out of the flat surface and with it comes a concentration of vivid color.

If you have a rounded edge the light gets trapped and is redirected back into the bead.

A round bead has multiple opportunities for bouncing light, adding indentations or raised dots allow the light to bounce in so many different directions - you naturally end up with a lot of sparkle.  THEN... I get to thinking about what I can bury deep inside the bead to perhaps catch some more light and bounce it in a different direction!  My favorite things to add to glass are copper, silver, palladium and mica.

Although sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful...

3.26.2014 - stop to smell the roses...

I am as guilty as anyone else, seeing something stunning from my car window, then not stopping to take a photo, dismissing it  with "oh, I'll stop on the way back".  The time is never be as good as right now.  So stop, park the car, get out and grab your phone (AKA camera) one simple click & you have it.  

While this post is not at all a celebration of roses or color, it's about making the time to stop and take note.  

I see shadows, rhythm, pattern and joy in these photos.  I can tell you exactly where they were taken & how overwhelmed I was upon discovering their 'possibility'.

Black & white strips away all the distraction of color and takes it to a raw presence of form, proportion and order.  Next time, just stop.