7.25.2014 - Progression of an idea...

I have always enjoyed making raked/feathered beads and felt a distinct tug this morning in that direction.  I'd been reading about what has caused Terra 2 to be unlike the original Terra... so - set out to make a focal to see if I could get it to strike in all those wonderful ways.

I realized that I don't like the results from my experiment - as the green just has tinges of plummy/purples at the ends... but what I did like was the "fluke" design - its crispness... and although somewhat organic, the encasing makes it too dressy. IMHO

Terra 2 Fluke Focal - JillSymons.com

Next try is 'ditch' the Terra 2 - go for more drama... DH Psyche... While my results of late seem all over the place with this color - I am liking the "Kronos/Picasso blue/green OPAQUE color" I'm getting, and know if I hit it with a nice reducing flame - I can get some metallic effects.  YES!

Psyche Fluke Sm. Focal - JillSymons.com

So then we're off to the races... hmmm - how does one make a directional rake on a round cab.  I am taking the liberty of assuming that this will be set with this direction in mind.  I've raked up and down - while they do look like whale flukes, I now remember a focal I'd previously made - called Sea Grasses (yes, Louise - yours) - that had a similar look.  BUT.THIS.IS.A.CABOCHON. (so it's ok). 

This is the final result - *below* - I love it - and proceed to make two more! : )

4.9.2014 - it came in the mail!!

There's just nothing like a new color to fuel the creative furnace!

I was almost out of a longtime favorite glass color, but one final push to see if I could locate it proved successful! 
I'd placed an order for my old 'friend' - Denim Blue, and decided to try a few other colors.  The box arrived on Tuesday and I've been in glass heaven ever since.  Along with the colors I'd ordered were two additional rods - for 'inspiration'.   This is what became of one of the rods... this set is a mingling of the Czech Republic and China... sort of an odd collaboration, but beautiful nonetheless!


The sets tonight reflect my dabbling in some of the more frequent styles of beads as I get to know the darker shade of Denim...  I especially love the sculptural quality of the Urban Chic tiles... and this set's ability to showcase the beauty of the glass itself - while style takes a quiet back seat.