4.17.2019 - Creation In Progress

I had planned to have an update tonight - but still have so many things in the works… won’t be ready on time.
So - next week, be on the lookout, there should be quite a bit of goodness here.

Hmmmm. it seems that over the years my beads are happiest when paired with compatible other bead shapes - not so much applied designs… lending an overall contemporary feel to much of what I produce.

Are there limitations? This is a gorgeous glass toggle… shouldn’t the clasp be as pretty as the necklace?


New shapes are intoxicating… this shape is an exercise in crazy, as glass wants to be round… these are NOT round. For this earring to work, the Matchstick beads need to be angular, balanced, and similarly scaled. The earring assembly remains daunting. Does all this stop me from wanting to make these in every color combination I can come up with? Not at all… because what I find is that every time I make a pair - I discover shortcuts or techniques that make them hang better… or go together more easily…

and yes, I’m still exploring the bead without the hole… and its many applications.


…or the hinged pendant allowing movement, a visual variety of compatible shapes, and a nice merging of colors, texture and design elements. Big bonus is it creates a larger scale finished piece - when otherwise I am not so inclined to make bigger pieces.


See you next week - for a very nice update!! Smiles - Jill