2.7.2018 - Tenacious.


I've been on a mission for quite awhile to eliminate the bead hole.  I guess that wouldn't make them beads anymore... but, in certain circumstances - it seems a distraction.  When the glass is used solely for form - it IS a distraction. (for me.) 
Last week I made a series of crosses - most had only a top hole - into which I placed (epoxied) a well fashioned, very sleek sterling bail assembly.  This week, I am pleased to say that I was inspired by this very cool picture on Instagram...  I made this montage - but her name is Lyn Slater or  iconaccidental on Instagram... what a PISTOL.  I love the haircut her sense of self - and that she can carry off those earrings!!

So - while LOVING the look, I felt that they need to be adapted for those of us (me) who couldn't quite carry those earrings off! I'm sure you can, I just can't! ; )  I couldn't help but call these particular earrings Chanel.  Seeing as they mimic the styling of a patent tip to pumps that are lovingly called "Chanel Cap Toe".  Yes - there is a hole - it stops a bit above the transparent segment of the earring structure.  I thought about directly epoxying the earwire into the hole - but decided that the swing afforded by this finding would be more fun.  PLUS... for years these earwires were deemed to be so wonderful.  


I had thought about etching just the transparent tip... but that may be coming in the next version I make... I played with these seemingly hole'less earring pairs in the way I approach most of my endeavors. IN.ALL.MY.FAVORITE.COLORS... eyeroll.   I have several pair in the works... parchment & gray, but these were most finished. SOOOOO.... what do you think?  smiles, Jill