9.27.2017 - ...That Nod & Knowing Whisper....

Years ago, my friend had quietly remarked how many times lampwork is an exercise into proving just how much you can cram onto the 'tiny canvas' of bead surface.  Yes, she is still my friend... and I remember that quite often as I work.

I've always felt less-is-more... and it shows in my work.  But every now and then something comes and nudges you... for me, this week, it was this piece.

While this piece has a mix of Boro and soft glass beads... I absolutely love the feel.  I have also found recently that my long-held belief that focal beads had to be just that - the focal - the belle of the ball... etc.  what I am now finding is just the opposite - that while they need to be interesting, it's better if they join everything together with a nod & a knowing whisper.  I like that approach much better. : )  Smiles, Jill