12.6.2017 - Brrr - said with a SMILE!


I've been making those 1/2" diameter beads with scrollwork and designs done with these stringers.  I'm holding 15 of them here...  I apply the design just as if writing on paper... (only much hotter).  I just am hooked, for now.  You know me, I'll transition to something new when it happens... in the mean time... I am having fun!

OK, I know it's Wednesday - and I'm sorry, no update tonight - I made only what brought me joy this week, and it looks a lot like what brought me joy last week.  ONLY I'm much better at it - you know... repetition & refinement!  So.  I'm firing up the oven instead of the torch since the temps have dropped about 35 degrees these past few days - I feel quite like baking.

I'm grateful for a gas stove/oven, I've always felt at home there... and somehow when the world looks so cold... I'm quite content to bake.  Oh... I forgot to admit - I did turn on the A/C last week so I could make soup (oh, and yes - biscotti), I guess I felt the cold coming!


As far as what's been coming from the kiln, I'm working on refining a cabochon based pendant  with a hanging hole, but making it polished on both sides.  It involves some cold work and another torch session... and so far - I can report that it is less successful with the dip in temperatures we've had this week (think temp shock going from kiln to torch).  It's been in the works the last few sessions - with tweaks each time.  I had a fight with my Twin-Spin grinder this morning, but - I am pleased to say that I won!! more on this next week perhaps.

I feel that the beauty of transparent glass is slightly lessened IMHO by a mandrel hole.  I have fought this for years - trying to obscure the hole when wiring a pendant... or obscure the hole by making it disappear - polishing it... but I think I'll be truly satisfied when it's simply *not there*.


See how beautiful this pendant is? Uninterrupted color and transparency? Plus the fun optics... that's where I'm going.  Of course more on that later too.  

I drove to Gilbert AZ a few years ago to pick up a used OXY Generating and holding tank system.  I'm pleased to report that I just (ahem, finally) ordered/received a new gauge... so will be tinkering with getting that up and going as well.  AND a new Oxy regulator so my Smith Little Torch will once again be up and running for those silver projects.


I know... this sounds like a lot, but these are the little projects that are on the horizon and... I'll keep you posted! smiles and shivers... Jill