1.25.2015 - Wow! - 2017 Brings something BRIGHT!

Last year I made a gorgeous hollow necklace and the focal (and favorite hollow bead was a luscious green!)  Then went through a phase of using it for the bars shown below... I've been timid with green, because I thought it was difficult to wear close to the face.  But - next week we will explore a collection style offering that will bring this luscious color to the forefront!

While this photo shows Peridot faceted gemstones, my approach to pure saturated pops of color... set in a minimalist type offering will showcase the glass itself.


I am changing the way the offerings are organized.  I think it would make more sense to choose a color palette each week - or a collection style and stay within the parameters for a more cohesive page, offerings and visual experience.  

What colors are your favorites and which do you wish were more often paired up??

smiles, Jill