8.24.2016 Smitten by the HOLLOW bug (again)

I've noticed something about my personality - and whether I like it or not - I've been unable to change it in close to twenty years.    It's the desire to do something to death.  I am simply unable to do something one time and move on.  I've got to do it in every color, every size and push the boundaries to perfect it... then I have permission to move on.

IF you think that these beads shown every week are all I make, you are mistaken.  I am simply unable to get it all photographed and put up here.  (*yes, my house tilts slightly where the bead stash is located!*)... but - it's all part of the creative process, no?

This week, it wasn't how small can you go, it was lets go big.  What I found was the drama and excitement of making the quintessential glass air balloon... I had a dear friend comment that she loved that my beads still exhibited the pillowed ends - even though they were hollows... so you can be darn sure that each of these has that!  

If you can build a very thin, tall glass disk with a minimal footprint on the mandrel - you can do this, that, and those as well.  It just takes patience and precision.

Sad thing is, I don't think it's completely gone from my system... : ( upside down smiles - Jill