5.11.2016 - EPHIPHANY.

I'm always up for making earring pairs... sometimes I think my attention span only allows for two of something - but the reality is that it's like creating a sampler of many different ideas - and I love being all over the place with ideas. SO.

Unless you're using a mold or press - getting two of something that are supposed to match in size is an acquired skill.  EVEN those of us who have been making beads for almost two decades it can prove to be a challenge.  I thought that the answer was to split the process into a two day process and have one available to compare while I created the second.  Yes, this works, but seems it should be something that can be done in one day, no?

Just this week I decided to bring my calipers out and place them on my marvering pad (right at the torch) for hands-free size checking!  (Now... I don't want to hear anything about my chaos... it's my ZEN...) smiles, Jill