4.6.2016 - The Tax-woman Cameth! (Happy Birthday, Charlie!!)

OK, so it was the tax-woman, AKA - "Glassmommy" *(lol - for those of you who don't know - Glassdaddy.com is my father, which then makes this Glassmommy!)... 
While we are glass obsessed - she has a gift for detail and has generously helped me year after year with my taxes.  That's part of what's so nice... the other part is that she loves my beads - and they suit her SO well!  I especially love how this necklace looks, don't you?  I have a few others of this style for sale, should you be interested, just send me a note and I'll show you!

So there is an update tonight - come by jillsymons.com at 9pm EST and see what I made this week!!

Today is an around the house type blog,,, some of what I've been up to lately... writing "LOVE LETTERS", 1/2" inspirational beads - see below!

"So Proud of You", "Awesome", "All My Heart", "All My Love", "Hugs And Kisses" "I Love You", "Yes, You CAN", etc.  All written with thin glass stringers - shown above.  

I can write about 11 characters on these 1/2"D beads... so if you want a custom bead ($25) let me know!  Good for backpacks, zipper pulls, keychains or to serve as a reminder of a special message!

Workspace - a few years ago I changed my workbench to industrial shelving... Let me explain.  I don't need a lot of depth, but I do enjoy the adjustability of this shelving.  This is the Gorilla shelving unit from Costco which is 20"D.  I set it up without two of the shelves...  set the first at desk height and the second as a top shelf.  So cool.  So portable, so adjustable.  I also have a $5 magnetic knife strip I bought at Ikea that holds all my "go-to" tools over my right shoulder.  I have the ventilation coming through from above, as well as my lights - both of which are on the top shelf... (where I can also store glass...: )

Below is a review of the shelving I found on YouTube...  it goes on for a bit - but you get the idea... smiles, Jill


For those of you who know him... Charlie turned 5 today... time surely flies!!