7.22.2015 - It SURROUNDS me

After this trip to NYC, I'm going to have to shelve my normal mantra - Less is More.  At least for awhile.  In a bygone era, where it wasn't all about just getting the building up - and having additional vertical real estate - there was amazing craftsmanship.  I am tickled to see ironwork that looks much like my scrollwork on my beads... how satisfying it must've been to finish a project like this and stand back to admire it!

In different cities I've also noted that keen detail is often crafted into the surrounds for trees on any given sidewalk... whodathunk...  but I'm loving it.  They SHOULD be celebrated!

These fire escapes in Little Italy were superb and added a lacy effect to even the shadows thrown by them onto the buildings.  I wonder if living amid this day in and day out - one takes it all for granted...  As an outsider and an infrequent visitor - I must say that I certainly took note!
smiles and swirls, Jill