4.22.2015 - Joy...

I would love to say that I sell all the beads I make, but I make a LOT of beads!!  Used to be that I would accumulate enough orphan beads in a particular shape and I'd make one of these necklaces... but of late I am making orphans just so I can make more of these!

Jill Symons Lampwork - JOY Necklace $200 http://jillsymons.com   

Jill Symons Lampwork - JOY Necklace $200


Years ago - I made a bracelet with beads and silver wire - and included many of my very favorite beads so that when I wore it I could talk (if asked) about what I do, AND show examples.  While this is sort of along those lines - the making of this style necklace is usually a place for me to go and revel in color - OPAQUE color... as I seem to work most often & seriously with transparent glass... this process gives me an outlet for whimsy.  Of late I have been on a tear - I have in inventory eight other necklaces in similar flavors!  

This shape bead is from a brass press called Spree, and I revel in being super picky about them having crisp edges - as evidenced by their standing on end in the image.  I envision two of them layered with the sparkle of a silver necklace somewhere in the mix... and they always make me think of a being out on a relaxing Saturday morning perhaps at a market, art festival or just tooling around the city.  Fun.Joy.Whimsy!! Smiles, Jill