2.11.2015 - Mixing it Up.

I saw a triangular metal connector - 'component' in a necklace which served to create a sort of stylized lariat necklace. How cool, visual interest!  As many of you know - I prefer to make my findings & what better way to make a piece so incredibly unique - than to create components.

OK.  Check, that box. 

Jill Symons Lampwork components

Jill Symons Lampwork components

I also am a big fan of wearable and adaptable finished pieces.  Comfort, design as well as versatility.  Hmm, change of neckline with a static length necklace... not good, but what if it were adjustable in length AS WELL as adjustable in layout - "DESIGN"? 

OK, done.



Then we have people out there who have metal allergies - so I've created a lariat style necklace with a presence, that's fun to wear and fun to re-make (without disassembling)... that adjusts to different necklines AND can be "tossed" (figuratively) into the dishwasher if it needs to be cleaned up.  Normally I'm diligently working with transparent glass as Springtime approaches, but - when creating the components felt a post modern flair developing and I headed off in another direction...  It was short lived, but I did end up working with opaque punchy colors. SO not me... but it was a fun segue!  Enjoy the idea ignite, and please remember to find a way to put your own spin on your creations if you run with this idea.  Smiles, Jill

*I admit I must've made about 75 or more of these dotted beads and have not lost ONE single dot.  I was diligent in making sure the dots didn't have an undercut.  So -
for who are wary of raised dots - breathe a sigh of relief.