7.16.2014 - The Tesla Project & glassy friends

A few weeks back I saw that there was an event called the Tesla Project at an east side studio... so we loaded into the car one Saturday and went.  The cars on display were privately owned and were fun to look at but not touch.  Also there were artist studios, FUN... we went in and out of several - then I spotted her - Karen Woodward - a fellow glassie that  I'd met about 10 years ago in Missouri!  We had crossed paths here about 3 or 4 years ago as well... but this was cool.

Glassdaddy  & Karen Woodward

Karen lives rather close by, and has stopped in to buy glass from Glassdaddy - so this was cool us both being there to say hello to her.  I LOVE what she does with glass - I mean, how much emotion can you pack into a little lump of glass?


Karen has a way with whimsical.  She sculpts.



I also admire sculpture, and the amazing use of bright eye-popping color!  Who knows where this type of inspiration will lead me... but at least you now know who to "blame"!