12.3.2014 - Finding My Rhythm

Oh, this is just crazy.  I've been doing this long enough to know how I am....

Years ago - a friend commented on how she gets 'twitchy' when she doesn't get her torch time in... what with the holidays and its accompanying distractions, I found myself in that mode.  So - I added an extra torching day.  What I ended up with was a whole pile of beads and I was all over the place.  

Tonight you will see things I have not made in years - and then some new funky things... at times I lament not being able to stick myself into a box - and say - "THIS" is what I make... as I seem to like everything.  

Hopefully by next week, I will have settled down - but I can't promise you.  Maybe by then I can at least get everything I made up and posted!!!  Happy week after Thanksgiving - I AM thankful - just a bit scattered tonight! smiles, Jill