10.8.2014 - add on...

Last week when I posted about the creation of the bracelet - I received many comments, but one stuck in my mind.  Someone said that she often saved bits of this and that to commemorate some life event and this type of bracelet would be a nice way to bring all the memories together in some cohesive wearable salute.  (...think charm bracelet, Pandora Bracelet etc.)

This idea kept surfacing this past week, as I prepared the trio of 'fobs' that I'm offering tonight.  While they are a harmonious blend of pleasant things - this is the same sort of idea. (I love making them & for whatever reason,  they are usually wildly popular).  Usually amounting to a cluster of maybe 4 or 5 smallish items wired onto a sterling silver ring.  "Usually" one is made of metal, one contains metal, one is a solid color, and the last is a mix of all others.

During the week I often stray from my "plan"... and end up with a few really pretty beads that don't fit in with any sort of organized idea... they go in a special dish.  The silver nuggets are created from melted-down bits of fine silver from my Smith Little Torch (which I use for jewelry... ) you recognize the spirals from earrings I've offered in the past, and well - the copper is new.

It's a fun way to incorporate small things that taken by themselves don't amount to much, and letting them feed off each other into a truly interesting and highly wearable piece!