7.3.2019 - ??


I know it’s been awhile - but that didn’t stop my grand daughter from growing up… she’s got a baseball from the game she went to with her parents - and as they’re exiting the stadium she’s marching right along with it clutched in her little hand. (BTW - she’s 1 1/2… how did that happen so quickly??) She’s very intent on marching out with her prize clutched carefully… almost looking a little bit guilty for making off with the bounty!!

Which leads me to another subject I’ve been musing over for quite awhile. I usually will include extras if I can find something I think you’ll like. I appreciate the sales and also have a huge love of creation - I make a LOT of beads - and I like to send them out. Does this make you uncomfortable?? I’ve had several customers who I think are flumoxed as to how to react, maybe they think I made a mistake and they’re supposed to go to someone else. Well - then I’m sure they’d mention it…

When you receive extras in a box with another order - is there always a clear indication that they’re just that - not a mistake or accidental shipment…? Maybe I should make it more clear?? Hmmm. Interesting…. problem… to have. Confused smiles, Jill