6.5.2019 - Many Changes...

Boy oh Boy.

It’s the boy…. remember back years ago - how the little blond kiddo with my didymium safety glasses on was in deep concentration threading beads onto string? He’s the one who only knew that Mom had to work every Wednesday… this was my “work”. Well - he went and graduated from college - where did the time go? He is, today, en route to his first real job. He is a civil engineer. Odd and yet satisfying sense of motherly closure here - one that makes the corners of my mouth slowly turn up…

Thanks for all the birthday wishes - I don’t feel any older - but somehow that number just keeps creeping up.

So - as most often when I have things mulling around in my brain - I’ve been in repeat mode. I”ve been making this style bead this week - made a few necklaces, and have six sets to offer up. I’m thinking of applying to an art show - of course the application deadline is breathing hot on my heels… so. Smiles, Jill