Nicely neutral beads that will work with just about anything!  1/2" diameter glass lampwork beads suspended from handmade ear wires.  These are 1 7/8" from your earlobe. Lampwork
Fall Neutral Earrings - $50

Hello, World!

Simple and fun.  I've layered this gorgeously neutral ivory - (this glass is NOT yellowy at all... LOVE IT!) over a stiffer base (for ease of making a nicely balanced long tube bead...)... raised and somewhat melted-in dots of jet black.  One measures 1 3/4" x 1/2", the other 1 7/8" x 9/16" both with 3/32" mandrel holes Lampwork Spotted Focals - $45ea Lampwork
Spotted Focals - $45ea Lampwork
Disks and Rounds - $55

Seven 16mm dia (5/8") rounds with 17mm dia ivory disks.  With 1/16" mandrel holes.  Jet black with ivory disks.  Overall length of this set as shown is 4 1/2" Lampwork
Dark Stack Earrings - $50

2" drop of dark elegant lampwork.  Suspended from handmade sterling silver ear wires - these disks are threaded onto a glass-tipped sterling headpin. Lampwork
Ocelot Spot Pendant - $65

With a nice presence, this pendant will add but not dominate an outfit.  Fun(ly) neutral, it will go with everything.... and add a sense of whimsy.  Measures 3 1/2" from top to tip and appx 5/8" dia barrel (measuring to the ivory... not raised dots) 3/32" mandrel hole.  Wired and ready to wear. Lampwork
Light Stack Earrings - $50

Fun stack earrings made on my sterling silver glass headpins and handmade sterling silver earwires.  These hang 2 1/8" from earlobe. Lampwork
Dotty Stack - $70

These are made with a creamier ivory than the items at the top of the page... A brighter ivory paired with jet black in a series of bold dotted styles.  Fun.  Pairs nicely with the Disks and Rounds Set shown above. Largest measures 1"dia x 5/16"... smallest 3/4"dia x 5/16".  Stack is 1 3/4" tall and all have 3/32" mandrel holes. Lampwork
Dotty Stack - $70