Hi, I'm Jill - and I confess - I've been smitten by glass in all of its forms for nearly two decades now, this my story.... and I'm sticking to it.   It was all eBay's fault... I swear.

Back in 1998, when there were only a handful of pages dedicated to lampwork on eBay - is when I fell in.  I knew I wanted to try lampworking, so armed with the Internet I found a hidden link on a glass supplier's site offering me a sampling of everything I'd need to melt and make my own glass treasures.  

Of course it's been years & years since that day, but I think once you're taken in by this kind of feeling, there is no turning back. I spent countless hours at the torch, learning by trial & lots of errors. I sold exclusively on eBay for eight years - until I decided to sell on my own website. 

I have taken an unusual approach to selling online.  Originally my intent was to make Wednesdays a day for everyone to look forward to and to become your most favorite habit.

To accomplish this, each week on Wednesday at 9pm EST, I will rotate a page called  Weekly Wednesday into the Collections page.  This page will be available from Wednesday through Sunday evening.  It will reappear each  Wednesday with the latest work from my studio showcased and available for purchase.  My working toward this weekly posting helps my ideas evolve at a more rapid pace, keeping the offerings here fresh and unusual. 

For time proven favorite items, I will be rotating six Collections at the beginning of the site,  pulling some collections weekly to replace with other favorite categories such as Hollows, Orphanage, Copper Inclusions, Hearts, Silver, Portals, Cabochons, Lg Hole Beads etc.  I'd like to keep all aspects of this site fresh, so visit often as you never know what shopping Collections you may find!

Photography is my second passion - I am pleased to share through my Blog a sampling of inspirational images and my words as to what item may have resulted from its influence.  This is all part of the promise to deliver not only beautiful glass items, but to make you rethink the ordinary and look twice at something you see every day to see it in an extraordinary new light.

always smiling,

IF sparkle is good, is sunlight sparkling off of different things inside the bead better? Perhaps metals? Which metals? Will they react when the glass touches them? Should their placement be random or deliberate - symmetrical or asymmetrical?  Is more better? Is bigger better? OR is less REALLY more?  Sometimes it is, but just for some people.