Tower of 1/2" encased boro beads - I love the patterning of these - as I've seen some orchids with that same delicate stippling. Lampwork   Orchid Tower - $135 Lampwork
Orchid Tower - $135 Lampwork   Boro Fire - $85 Lampwork
Boro Fire - $85

Fiery set of boro beauties here... lovely half-inch rounds encased in clear and holding their own! 1/16" mandrel holes

Boro Barrels - $100

One of my very favorite sets of Borosilicate (Pyrex), with colors that collide and shapes that are serene with nice sharp corners - so - while being rather free in color - are very much controlled in execution.  Reactive colors and beautiful encasing. Lampwork   Boro Necklace - $185 Lampwork
Boro Necklace - $185

beautiful sampler of borosilicate colors encased in clear.  21 beads all about the same size 3/8" x3/8" are held in place by the matte black beads.  Adjust the length and reposition the beads for a longer necklace.  Sliding knot closure gives this an  adaptability that you'll come to appreciate.  As shown it can be anywhere from 24"-30"L.. I can easily adapt it to a shorter look for you, if desired. Lampwork
Clear Borosilicate Spiral Earrings - $50

These spirals are so relaxing to make!  Boro, being a hard glass & my torch being a bit slow to melt it - make the going slow.  So - the wind is a very controlled thing - and allows time for precision.  I like that.  These measure 3 1/2"L from top to tip.  Spirals themselves measure 1 1/16"dia.