I remember hearing these glass hollows called "Luft" (Air) Balloons in Germany... like little puffs of glass... that always makes me smile.
Here, they're tethered onto a cord - which extends, the beads in between slide and lock the hollows into the position you choose... fun to redesign groupings on the fly - or in a moment of contemplation...

  JIllSymons.com Lampwork Balloon Race Necklace - $160

JIllSymons.com Lampwork
Balloon Race Necklace - $160

Additionally, these hollow beads have a nice presence, but bring little additional weight - a unique and fun piece of statement jewelry - hypoallergenic too!!

  JIllSymons.com Lampwork On The Fly Cup and Disk Hollow Necklace - $180

JIllSymons.com Lampwork
On The Fly Cup and Disk Hollow Necklace - $180

Denim, Topaz, and Amethyst thin-walled hollows strung on matte cording with smaller beads that help lock these beads into place.  Allowing for on the go re-design of groupings and an ever fluid necklace in design and length.  Fun... as jewelry should always be!! : )


Nice group of thin walled hollows in Amethyst, Denim, Olive, Topaz, and medium amethyst.  Lightweight with a great presence.

  JIllSymons.com Lampwork Earth Hollows - $80

JIllSymons.com Lampwork
Earth Hollows - $80

Velvet Hollow Earrings - $50
Little air-balloon, effortless and near weightless.  Thin walled hollow glass beads - etched to a velvety finish - suspended to a length of 2".  
These are mandrel-formed hollow glass beads - (trapped hot air inside an enclosed chamber expands... and puffs out the molten glass into little orbs).  These have been annealed, then cleaned, and etched in acid to give them a nice velvety surface.

  JIllSymons.com Lampwork Velvet Hollow Earrings - $50

JIllSymons.com Lampwork
Velvet Hollow Earrings - $50

Denim Hollows & Spirals - $115

Beautiful set of Czech Denim Blue hollow beads (7) and four 1/2" rounds, and ten graduated borosilicate spiral spacers.  Beads have3/32" mandrel holes.

Amethyst Hollow Earrings - $50

little "bags of hot air" a thin shell is made by winding the glass on and constructing a cavity in the middle.  The trapped air is superheated - expanding and inflating the molten shell.  Very interesting to make, cool to watch!

Amethyst Hollows - $165

Ten Grorious hollow beads wound from German Lauscha transparent glass - thin walled - presence but not the weight!  Mesmerizing spacers of wound borosilicate spirals add drama to an otherwise understated piece, six 3/8" rounds finish off the set.