Electric Spring - $90

Four pair of opaque colored core beads - lavished with a trio of copper cutout daisies held under a layer of clear encasing.  Each encased bead measures 1/2" dia with 1/16" mandrel holes, smaller beads are 3/8"dia with 1/16" mandrel holes.

Electric Raspberries - $80

Six bright electric beauties - clear base bead with a copper daisy front & back - then covered with a thin coat of clear glass - which activates the magical change from copper color to this wonderful raspberry!  5/8" diameter with 1/16" mandrel holes. Overall - the set measures 3 3/8"L

Electric Tiles - $85

A lineup of 15mm x 15mm black slightly pillowed tiles - with nice straight edges and clean holes.  Middle 7 beads have copper daisy front and back with a light encasing of clear over top, two end bead tiles are black.