Smokies Earrings - $50

I don't often use glass that's variegated - as form is usually more important than surface decoration... but I have to say - these are stunning.  Almost resembling a rock or horn... but - *it is glass*... with that sleek and gorgeous profile shape.  Sterling silver findings as well. 2" in length

Esmokies1.jpg Lampwork Smokies Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Smokies Earrings - $50


Crazy Shoe Earrings - $50

oh my... I love the personality here.  Purple pointy toed earrings... with swingy round sterling earwires.  These earrings are 2" in length.  


EsteelBlBullets2.jpg Lampwork En Pointe Earrings - $50 Lampwork
En Pointe Earrings - $50

I'm loving the sleek new shapes - and the fact that I've gotten rid of one hole!  Beautiful Steel Blue Lauscha pendulum earrings with sterling silver findings... just the ticket! 2 1/4" from top of finding to tip of bead. Each earring weighs 5 grams.


Another pair of similarly styled earrings as those above.  Lovely shades of color throughout this glass!  Canyon - as it reminds me of the mist that settles into mountain canyons... and the varying shades of colors...  
These are " long and are suspended from handmade sterling silver ear wires. Lampwork Canyon Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Canyon Earrings - $50 Lampwork Moonlight Tower Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Moonlight Tower Earrings - $50

Sleek and stunning.  Love the tapered length of these - and the slim profile.  Less glass - less weight. Quite a statement!  2 1/2" from top of finding to tip of bead.  Each one weighs 5 grams (the weight of two US dimes).  Not so bad! 

On an aside.  Austin, back in 1894, purchased 31 moonlight towers - each  illuminated a 1,500' radius bright enough to read a watch.  OOH... more details here Lampwork Texas Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Texas Earrings - $50

oh my... I had to make these in this color, as it's sort of Texas Longhorn burnt orange... actually - the color is called Roof Tile, and every building on campus has these roof tiles!  These earrings are 2" in length.  Sterling findings with a pair of really fun new findings - that are POSTS.   I can switch them out if you'd prefer wires... but I thought I'd change it up a bit... : )

EbutternutBullet3.jpg Lampwork Midnight Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Midnight Earrings - $50


Jet black - sleek in form, subtle in styling - loving the form.  Length is ", sterling silver findings. Lampwork Tease Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Tease Earrings - $50


Ever have a friend who could get away with wearing something like this? MARI NALL...
it just seemed fitting.... nicely matched pair - shapewise, nicely coordinated pair colorwise.

Terracotta & Purple - fun. 2" from top of finding to tip of bead. FYI - each earring weighs 4 grams. 

Left Pair - $50

Middle Pair - $50

Right Pair - $45

Snowdrop Earring Selections

These started out as a variation of snowdrop flowers... the way the petals gently slump down... translated loosely over to transparent glass... because the thinness of the colored glass is beautiful and its delicate presence brings hope that spring is not far off.


I love the bronze color of these earrings - they are a much darker color glass that's been veiled over a core of white.. then they're etched to a velvety finish.  The simple & joyful design is applied in the flame - with a very VERY thin piece of glass (.5mm) called a stringer.  Control of the heat is so important here - as I like these designs to remain raised.. and these are. : ) Lampwork Bronze Party Banner Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Bronze Party Banner Earrings - $50 Lampwork Hollow Denim Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Hollow Denim Earrings - $50

Hollow beads sit atop paddles of medium amber - a study in the pairings of beautiful transparent glass.  Sterling silver spacer and findings.  These measure 2" from top to tip. Lampwork Summer Moons Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Summer Moons Earrings - $50


1/2" dia rounds of glass sport several moon-shaped orbs in a metallic blue on a field that has been etched while design remains glossy.  All findings are handmade and are sterling silver. These earrings will dangle 1 5/8" from your earlobe. Lampwork Dotty Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Dotty Earrings - $50

Back by request - some of my favorites from years ago! A spray of raised dots in nicely soft pastels with occasional punctuation of base (non-color) black.  Lots of presence, little weight! Lampwork
Crisp - $45

Raised dot on jet black earrings.  I noticed my mom had a pair of these on the other day - and I thought I should make more!  1/2"dia beads - 1 1/4" overall.  Handmade sterling silver findings. Lampwork
Softly Blu - $50

a go-with-everything earring style in a sweetly demure color. 1/2"dia beads, 1 3/8" from top to tip.  All handmade sterling silver findings. Lampwork
Denim Glow Earrings - $45

Velvety etched denim rounds, suspended from handmade findings of sterling silver.  Overall drop is 1 3/8" from earlobe.

Old favorites never fail me... love the color combination and kind of Bohemian flavor.  1/2" beads dangling from hand made sterling silver ear wires. Lampwork Comic Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Comic Earrings - $50 Lampwork Tiled Silver Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Tiled Silver Earrings - $50

These carved beauties are sure to stand their own!  Carving on the surface adds a handmade feel to otherwise very sophisticated earrings. NOTE: this color glass transforms from pinky in incandescent or daylight to a pale lavender in fluorescent light.  1 1/2" from top to tip. Lampwork Neo Carved - $50 Lampwork
Neo Carved - $50

Love these - I didn't tumble them to polish up the nailhead - as the earthiness seemed to suit them so well.  1/2" rounds with small purple caps... Lampwork Rooftop Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Rooftop Earrings - $50

As always these in this color remain favorites of mine.  I have to put some out there every so often or my life would seem odd.  This glass is called Denim, and it's from the Czech Republic - I love the color!! Lampwork Denim Hollow Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Denim Hollow Earrings - $50 Lampwork Peachy Aura - $45 Lampwork
Peachy Aura - $45

Delicate peach transparent glass dotted with small shimmering droplets - suspended from handmade ear wires.  Length from top to tip is 1 3/16" Lampwork Springy Earrings - $45 Lampwork
Springy Earrings - $45

Transparent peach glass with tiny images of leaves scribbled on the surface with tiny little whiskers of glass, dotted with pale purple.  Then all but raised items received an etching to a velvety smooth finish. Lampwork
Tandem Earrings in Wisteria - $55 Lampwork Tandem Earrings in Wisteria - $55 Lampwork
Tandem Earrings in Wisteria - $55 Lampwork
Tandem Earrings in Wisteria - $55


GORGEOUS Pale purple bottom layer and cap make a denser version of this watery Monet purple.  Light as a feather, vibrant and delicate.  Handmade findings of sterling silver.  Earwires are 1 1/4"L