Smalls Necklace - $100 Lampwork

Smalls Necklace - $100 Lampwork

Smaller version of the color explosion on this page.  rounds measure 3/8"... this necklace extends and you have the option to move the beads into groupings - as their keeper beads slide along the cording with some obvious friction.  If you'd like I can also make a pendant for you in various shapes in  your favorite color - just email me and we can discuss.

  Street Party - $155 Lampwork   

Street Party - $155 Lampwork



As of yet - not finished off because I have some flexibility in the length - as for this one, I had planned a button closure.  But it's strung and ready for the most part.

Bright fiery colors for a festive time on a summer evening.  Olive, Purple, Terra Cotta, Pistachio, and a good basic black to anchor the fun.  Strung onto matte nylon cording - with matte black spacers.  Large rounds in front measure 5/8"D, while beads in back are 3/8"D - all with 1/16" mandrel holes. Lampwork Street Party Earrings - $45 Lampwork
Street Party Earrings - $45


fun little earrings - made to go with a few items on this page.  Sterling silver findings, lampwork beads.


Olive, Purple, Terra Cotta, Pistachio, and a good basic black to anchor the group.  Strung onto matte nylon cording - with matte black spacers.  , but this with a length-adjustable closure.  Large rounds in front measure 5/8"D, while beads in back are 3/8"D - all with 1/16" mandrel holes. Lampwork Graduated Fun - $155 Lampwork
Graduated Fun - $155


Loving the pop of color here - nicely extended set of opaques - deep purple, black, ivory, and pistachio.  " of beads as strung : )  1/16" mandrel holes. Lampwork Hundred Acre Woods Set - $155 Lampwork
Hundred Acre Woods Set - $155

Pistachio colored nailhead pillar beads - slender profile - and for some reason - seemingly weightless.  I actually have an easier time wearing these than the 1/2"D rounds!

Fine silver nailheads adorn the middle of each earring bead... and they're suspended from handmade sterling silver ear wires.  Overall length is.. Lampwork Hundred Acre Woods Nailhead Earrings - $50 Lampwork
Hundred Acre Woods Nailhead Earrings - $50 Lampwork Sweet Thang Bead Set - $135 Lampwork
Sweet Thang Bead Set - $135


As seems to be becoming part of my bead sets - two groupings of tall slender disks paired with an assortment of black, pink and lavender beads.  One flat disk with a single hole to act as a closure... Lampwork You Know You Do Earrings - $50 Lampwork
You Know You Do Earrings - $50

Sometimes you get a little bit silly, then - these are just for you.  There's a cute 'hinge' between the disk and the smaller bead - and it gives it the ability to swing just a bit more - and in a possibly different direction.  Just a little whim and fun for the day! : ) Lampwork Spring Fun Bead Set - $135 Lampwork
Spring Fun Bead Set - $135


I just love this set.  Some days.... you just need color.  Especially if you're like me and wear a lot of black!  It's a combination of pistachio, deep purple, and a raspberry... and of course black dotted fun beads!

tall disks are around 3/4"D, while the six front and center beads are 5/8"D, the rest taper on down to the 3/8" ones at the end.
The earrings shown at the right are available on the earring page... just thought I'd show you them here too!

SpringFunNearrigs.jpg Lampwork Winter Rose Bead Set - $125 Lampwork
Winter Rose Bead Set - $125

This color combination was an unusual pairing... and after some work - I'm very pleased with how they all work together.  it's meant to coordinate with a raku pendant on another page... or can fly solo.  Large rounds in front of strand measure 5/8"D, small ones at end 3/8"D all with 1/16" mandrel holes.

WinterRose.jpg Lampwork Graffitti Pendant - $65 Lampwork
Graffitti Pendant - $65


I don't know why, but the color is ALWAYS more pronounced on one side... I'll keep working on this though.  I love the richness of the color that bloomed!!  This is a beautifully lentilized pendant that measures 1 3/4" in diameter - and comes to you with a sterling bail in place with a nice sterling silver hanging loop. Lampwork Mid Century Modern - $135 Lampwork
Mid Century Modern - $135

I'm loving the cool color pop of this set - and had even pondered maybe etching it... but didn't.

The rounds at the front of the loop shown above measure 5/8"D, and the disks are 3/4"D... so - it has a nice presence!  Ample beads for a nice project - and a fun color palette.

BmidCentMod2.jpg Lampwork 3/8" Round Fun - $65 Lampwork
3/8" Round Fun - $65

Oh, in an effort to play with downsizing - I did much of the same scrollwork patterns on beads that were 3/8" diameter versus the normal 1/2"+sizes... sometimes you just need a smaller bead!!  cute chip spacers included... just seemed perfectly sized. Lampwork Seriously Scrolly Necklace - $165 Lampwork
Seriously Scrolly Necklace - $165

Perhaps my favorite... as I'm always drawn to blue... and black.  This blue is from Lauscha and is called Steel blue, but it resembles a long ago favorite - Prussian Blue.  I think it's EVEN prettier!
The scrollwork designs on this set are all slightly raised and the designs are some of my most recent additions.  You amass a LOT of designs over 20 years!  They seem fresh, and I'm very pleased.  1/2" beads with 3/8" smaller ones... punctuated with sleek disks and a lovely focal pendant.  Strung on nylon cording - it's length adjustable and meant to be worn rather short.

SteelBlueScrollies.jpg Lampwork Round & Round - $80 Lampwork
Round & Round - $80

Gorgeous glass color - "Spanish leather"... plays so beautifully with some of my recent favorites.  This petite set of rounds 8"L - as strung 3/8"Dia) pairs nicely with this focal (2 1/16"L x 9/16"W).  A single hole drop with a sterling silver bail epoxied into place.

PBSetSpanLeathPendSmRounds1.jpg Lampwork Building Blocks - $65 Lampwork
Building Blocks - $65

Every so often I venture off on some unnamed path... this one was solely about color initially... but then it took on a cool personality.  I'm sure there will be more along this line soon. Apricot colored beads are 3/8"D, Purple dotted is 1/2" just to give you some idea of scale.  Pistachio, black, purple, apricot, and parchment.  LOVE IT! Lampwork All Heart - MTO - $10ea Lampwork
All Heart - MTO - $10ea


It's that time of year again... I love hearts.  I have 12 on hand... but I'll whip them out for you and get them to you in a timely fashion.  These usually are about 12-15mm in each direction.  In a luscious red... that I have only a limited amount of... : (  1/16" mandrel holes. Lampwork Life Colors - $125 Lampwork
Life Colors - $125

Mid summer - and looking for color.... here they are - Life Colors with heart!  This strand measures 8 1/2" long as shown... and is just super fun. Lampwork Fiesta Necklace - $110 Lampwork
Fiesta Necklace - $110

Fun, very wearable necklace of many, many (& many more) brightly colored disks.  Because these disks are thin, the necklace is very flexible and comfortable to wear.  Black dotted beads are 1/2" diameter and disks are right at the same diameter.  1/16" mandrel holes for everyone!  This necklace has a sliding knot closure - so slips easily over your head.  Just slide the knots apart to shorten the necklace.  Adjustable from 17"- 23" Lampwork Graffiti Park - $130 - SOLD Lampwork
Graffiti Park - $130 - SOLD

A brief segue from transparent and symmetrical beads - to venture into the world of the graffiti park... a little random design and a bevy of unusual color pairings.  The "lentilized" crunch focal has a range of colors on each side and the motif and colors are repeated through out the set.  Larger beads have 3/32" mandrel holes - while smaller beads always have 1/16" mandrel holes.
This set, as shown measures 12" L and the main focal measures 1 7/8" x 3/4" x1/4", roof tile colored rounds measure 1/2"dia Lampwork Heffalump - $145 Lampwork
Heffalump - $145

Isn't it funny how, sometimes, a set sort of picks its own name?  To me, this just fit.  Again - a nicely bright set - black, white, Kermit, and EDP fuchsia.  This set measures 12 1/4" long and all beads have 1/16" mandrel holes. Lampwork Bluebird of Happiness - $145 Lampwork
Bluebird of Happiness - $145

I love this set! (and have expanded it a bit since last week).  The colors just pop... black/white, turquoise, EDP (snicker - Evil Devitrifying Purple as we lovingly call it).  This set measures 14 1/2" long and all beads have 1/16" mandrel holes.  No presses used here - hand shaped beads!

  Red Statement Earrings - $55 -

Red Statement Earrings - $55 

5/8" dia rounds of Lauscha's lipstick red.  I love this color because it doesn't streak and gives you the most luscious red you can imagine!  These are a bit larger than my norm, but from what I hear - they're still comfy to wear.  hanging on 1 1/4"L sterling silver ear wires.

 Red Statement Earrings - $55 -
  Red Statement Earrings - $55 - Lampwork Coral Flurries - $125 Lampwork
Coral Flurries - $125 Lampwork Coral Flurries - $125 Lampwork
Coral Flurries - $125

I'm spending some time cozying up to my opaque bold colors for some fun shapes and exciting colors!! Opaque black, white, olive,  and coral...

This set measures 15" long as strung.  All beads have 1/16" mandrel holes.

Dance-a-thon Earrings - $50 

Light flip of a glass earring in a swingy red/sky blue combination.  Overall length is 2 1/2" all handmade sterling  silver findings. 

Swingy Skirt Earrings - $50

Dancing Shoes Earrings - $50

Overall length 2 1/4",all handmade sterling silver findings.