4.4.2018 - Who DOESN'T love a Tiny House??

So - with front row seats for the final four - we headed out east... that is, east Austin - to a broadcast in an ampitheater in an innovative community.  What's so cool about this community? Well - each of these tiny homes is now home to someone who had been living on the street.  There is a long waiting list - and there are many things that they have to do to qualify to live here... but it was awesome.

There were community gathering spots, community kitchens - our climate here allows for many of these to be open air... so there is an implied invitation to join as 'family'.  The game was shown on a big screen in the ampitheater, there were community gardens and all in all it was such a nice idea.  NO, it wasn't just an idea - it has happened.  Below is a link that shows it much better than I could - and has more information.

Community First Village


Log sided square foot community gardens.

Open air community kitchens