12.12.2018 - The Last Few Months

Last week, I approached an Austin Gallery - Artworks on West 6th Street - about putting some of my work in their gallery - they chose a nice variety and I’m very pleased - as it looks amazing in their showroom! Stop by and see it if you’re in the area - maybe after you’ve scooped up my work - you’ll snag some art for your walls!!



Over the past year - I’ve been working up to this - and also - to a level of work that doesn’t scream craft. It’s all about a more deliberate pace - slower and more careful… to get there. The earrings shown above have a mirror finish on the black - top hole will acomodate the loop turnbed sideways - while the bottom better fits it - rotated 90 degrees… the Jetstream dangle bead has only one hole… so when you wear the earrings - you don’t have to see the ‘hardware’ at the bottom of the bead. These blue beads are just so awesome… the silvered glass is singing beautifully underneath the silver wire that’s wrapped around it… then I’ve carefully laid a layer of clear on top of the wire/silvered glass. This holds the wire onto the bead (eliminates the need for polishing the bead) and protects the silvered glass’ finish.

Very pretty. I’m thrilled.