6.28.2017 - Off-Mandrel... (it only took me two decades!)

I have been mulling the idea of pendants lately... I like to imagine that the holes aren't there (but they usually are anyway)... until this week, when I was looking to create a cabochon type presentation - but limit the amount of post creation work (ie silver bezel setting or beaded setting)...  the idea of a pendant was alluring.

I am continuing my love-affair with the silvered glasses out there - and the simplicity of design to allow each element to sing.  I think this may be the solution.  Of course, I took it in other directions simply because I could... what do you think? Which do you like better?  What size would you prefer?  Cording or chain?


I like all the elements I mentioned earlier - and think this is a winner... it's about 1 1/4" dia - which is a nice size to wear close to your throat or on a longer chain.  Again, simplicity  very cool.  Update tonight 6.28.2017 - JillSymons.com at 9pm! Smiles, Jill

Then I decided that the loop of glass might be delicate - and how could I remove that?  I like the idea of a silver ring through a cabochon, but wanted to limit *again* post torch cold work... and managed this...