12.20.2017 - Thinking... and RE-Thinking.

First of all - Happy Birthday Glassdaddy Frank! He proudly turns 82 today, and misses your many chatty emails & being your Lauscha supplier.


I spend about 15 hours, minimum, at the torch every week.  My hands move as my mind directs them... but there's a lot of time just spent thinking.  How to rework things, how to perfect the small things, how to build the big things, get rid of the holes, improve wearability, introduce light/sparkle, and really to push the limits of what we think is actually possible.

The only drawback to this time is that it's solo - meaning no sounding board.  Last week I had some time with a friend from college, and she mentioned one significant issue she has with most earrings that dangle from wires.   She felt that they emphasized the pierced ear hole - and how (often times) over the years - it has changed shape.  I reworked some of the findings this week for just this case - then tested them with my droplet beads.  Even though I've not worn post earrings in decades...  this particular design works quite nicely.  The findings magically give us the pierced ears of a 20yr old!  Sharing ideas is a good thing, improving design is a good thing, and perfection should always be a goal, not an option.


I've just re-joined ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) as this is the next closest thing to NOT working in a vacuum.   I look forward to more connection with other artists and a renewed view of the big picture of what others are doing... I am always interested - although often I'm marching to my own bead*(LOL - beat).   smiles - and December sunshine, Jill